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  • Jen Portland and her team at Excel Rain Man truly are the Excel spreadsheet experts. I started working with them in 2008 and have worked with them on multiple projects since then. I have always been impressed by the suggestions they make for each of my pharmaceutical client projects. She really takes the time to understand the project, the objectives and goals. The results always wind up being even better than I imagined! Jen provides consistent and reliable results and is always on time, even under very tight deadlines. Jen and the team are incredibly personable and a pleasure to work with, not to mention the rates are very reasonable, compared to what others are charging for lower quality results. I definitely plan to utilize Excel Rain Man's services in the future and highly recommend them to anyone.

    Catherine L. CL Consulting Inc.
  • I contacted Excel Rain Man for help with macros that were well beyond my level of knowledge. The team ensured they fully comprehended all of my requirements for the macros prior to commencing work. The final product was delivered well before the deadline, and I am very pleased with its functionality. Highly competent, very knowledgeable, and utmost professionals…highly recommended!

    Heidi H. Apple Books
  • A few months back, I asked ExcelRainMan for some help with a high-pressure, quick-turnaround project as my team was fully utilized on other projects. With little guidance, the staff at ExcelRainMan was able to turn my request into a series of charts / graphs that I needed for a presentation at a major conference. Great customer service and a strong knowledge of Excel--highly recommend.

    Manny T Huron Life Sciences
  • We used Excel Rain Man as part of a transition to a new e-commerce platform. We had product information for thousands of sku's that we needed to transfer to a system via an Excel based product feed. This job required numerous tedious, large-scale changes made to thousand line spreadsheets, and we needed it done right. Excel Rain Man took on the challenge. Two thumbs up for a job well done!

    John C Lock & Mane
  • Several Months ago I stumbled upon ExcelRainMan. We had been working with a Warehouse Management System that lacked the ability to provide a proper billing solution. I scheduled a 2 hour training with ExcelRainMan for both myself and my office manager. Within a 2 hour training, they were able to shave off 5 hours a week of manual work that we were doing. Their explanations were thorough and their ability to identify the needed solutions to our problems were spot on! We can not thank them enough for the help they provided. We have become VLOOKUP and PIVOT TABLE pros. I highly recommend their services.

    Lauren N 3G Warehouse, Inc.
  • Can't say enough about the professionalism and level of expertise of Jen at EXCEL RAIN MAN. I had a project that needed a quick turn-around and Jen was on it with several 11th hour revisions. She is smart, patient and a great teacher! I would recommend EXCEL RAIN MAN to anyone that needs a little or a lot of help on any spreadsheet project. Jen makes the ordeal painless and even a little fun!

    Allison K. Allimar Marketing
  • Do you want your business plan or proposal to rock? It is all in the numbers! Excel Rain Man can help you build a solid spreadsheet with all the bells and whistles that will make you look like a genius or at least appear that you have a great support staff.

    Peter L. BG Galleries
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