ExcelRainMan.com is designed to help users of every level with problems concerning Excel spreadsheets.

Regardless of what industry you are in, most individuals at some point find themselves dealing with the utter aggravation of Microsoft Excel. In addition, spreadsheet assistance can be difficult to find, as IT helpdesks are not equipped to assist with the more difficult aspects of Excel work and while the opportunity may exist to take classes on the topic, often times the task at hand needs to be finished YESTERDAY!

We help companies analyze and better understand their data whether it is due to a lack of spreadsheet savvy of merely not having the time to get their work done.

As the Excel Rain Man Team, people can send us their spreadsheet related questions/problems and in turn, we bring our mad skills to solve whatever the issue may be. We also offer customized classes as well as video tutorials.

So stop freaking out and Submit a Request. No matter what it is, we got it covered.

Customer Testimonials

  • A few months back, I asked ExcelRainMan for some help with a high-pressure, quick-turnaround project as my team was fully utilized on other projects. With little guidance, the staff at ExcelRainMan was able to turn my request into a series of charts / graphs that I needed for a presentation at a major conference. Great customer service and a strong knowledge of Excel--highly recommend.

    Manny T Huron Life Sciences
  • We used Excel Rain Man as part of a transition to a new e-commerce platform. We had product information for thousands of sku's that we needed to transfer to a system via an Excel based product feed. This job required numerous tedious, large-scale changes made to thousand line spreadsheets, and we needed it done right. Excel Rain Man took on the challenge. Two thumbs up for a job well done!

    John C Lock & Mane
  • Do you want your business plan or proposal to rock? It is all in the numbers! Excel Rain Man can help you build a solid spreadsheet with all the bells and whistles that will make you look like a genius or at least appear that you have a great support staff.

    Peter L. BG Galleries


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