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Recent Tasks

Utilization Report

Created a customized report for a software company that identifies what portions of the software are being utilized by their customers. The PDF-generated report, is created within Excel, and is meticulously formatted in order to meet the client’s strict branding requirements. The reports are quickly and easily updated for each specific customer. This has allowed the client to save many hours and has helped create a consistent professional face to their customers.

Title Search

Created a custom tool for identifying job positions that are the same, but with different titles. The tool will search a list of job titles to identify titles containing key words and phrases. The end result is a subset of titles are equivalent.

Custom Assessment Tool

Worked with an Internet Marketing firm to create a custom assessment tool for one of their clients. The survey we created for the Industrial Supply company is being used to assess workplace safety. By keeping the design and functionality trimmed down the tool is easy to use and the results are clear.

Sales Commission Calculator

Created a custom commission calculator for a Systems & Service company that serves the Transportation and Defense Industry. We were able to take the client’s vision, enhance it and automate it. In the end our client has an easy to use tool that allows them to review commission calculations and view how those commissions break down on a month by month basis.

Allocated Expense Budget

This is a comprehensive workbook which completes multiple tasks. It has the quarterly budgets for expenses broken out by company, the internal department estimated expenditures and T&E budgets. These three functions were previously maintained in multiple workbooks with links but we were able to integrate the workbooks into one. Visual Basic was built-in to import manager estimated expenses (from a template file), enable automated email reports to be sent to managers, to import actuals and to show/hide the actuals for comparison against the estimates.

Intercompany Package file

This is a file which contains information about intercompany package file descriptions and the contacts which must receive copies. Due to the tediousness of the manual process of attaching these files to multiple contacts several times throughout the year, we were able to automate the process. at the push of a button, the emails are created with the appropriate files attached to the corresponding contacts.

Financial Calculators

Created a custom workbook containing two Financial Calculators for a Startup Company. The client wanted to be able to offer potential partners and endorsers shares in the company. When sitting with the potential partner they wanted to be able to show them not only what their shares were worth today, but also what they would be worth in the future. Creating the quick but flexible calculators allowed the client to include real scenarios when recruiting people to participate in his new venture.

Budget Rollup

Worked with a Humanitarian Aid company to automate their budget rollup process. We took their manual process of multiple budget files that were manually aggregated at multiple levels and completely automated the process. The client was able to free up hundreds of hours per year for a key employee and also eliminate the possible human error component.

Bidding Spreadsheet

Created a Bidding Spreadsheet for a Maintenance & Repair company. The custom spreadsheet allows for on the job cost entry as well as a report view for management. The new tool keeps their bidding process streamlined while giving it a professional look & feel.

Job Scheduling

Created a custom Job Scheduling solution for an electrician company. The client needed a way to track Jobs, Employees (EEs) and Employee Assignments. We developed a unique solution that readily displays EEs needed per job, EEs scheduled per job per day, EEs available to be scheduled as well as EEs on vacation. The client can tell at a glance when he has capacity to take on more jobs and when he should be looking to make new hires.

Expense Report

Created a custom expense report for a heating element design & production company. The report created was to replace a costly online system that did not fully meet the client’s needs. Once our solution was created and implemented in the company, they saved hundreds of dollars a month without adding additional man hours into the process. The fact that we could tailor the expense report exactly to the client’s needs allowed the client to easily convince the sales force that the new custom workbook was a great fit for the team.

Human Resource Employee Compensation Import Conversion

This is a tool that accepts an ADP download and converts the data into an importable format for an online tool the company uses to create compensation letters for employees. This conversion was completed manually prior to the tool development, taking a lot of time and prone to human error. The tool completes the task in less than 1 minute.

Personal Financial Statement Form Redesign

Created, designed and implemented a Major Bank’s Personal Financial Statement documents in Excel to make user-friendly interface, printable formats, ensure labeling and formatting align with corporate business requirements and branding and enhance functionality using VBA/background scripting.

Clean-up of existing real estate model

This company had an existing real estate model that they had built on their own, but wanted to clean-up. We were able to help them and also added some reporting and input features that made the workbook very easy to use.

Human Resource Compensation Tool

This is a comprehensive tool with 4 major functions: Headcount reporting for all employees, Merit Increase reporting, Bonus (2 types of bonuses awarded) reporting and Equity reporting. The Headcount reports create bi-weekly manager reports with imported ReportSmith EV4 (ADP) data files. The reports are in customized format for each manager showing sensitive employee data to only their specified managers. The Merit Increase, Bonus and Equity processes create reports for each manager to review their employees suggested compensation and allows them to adjust the compensation due to performance or other factors. The manager reports are then returned and import to a Master workbook for each process where the top-level executive can review the recommendations for each employee, make their own adjustments, approve the final numbers, create summary reports and ADP import files.

Import and Merge Tool

This commercial landscaping business had two database type files that needed to be merged into one file fairly frequently. One was a employee census file and the other was a payroll data file. These needed to be merged for an HR related task, and it needed to be done every week. This was causing extremely tedious work because the two files did not share a unique identifier to match them together. We designed and developed a workbook that would import the data from the two files and merge them together, all in a matter of seconds!

Market Research Data Analysis Tool

This Market Research firm collected data from survey results. They needed to create metrics reports correlating the data in different ways. PivotTables were developed to create customized reports and macros were written to import new raw data and automatically update the reports.

Ancestry Data

Created a custom workbook for a truck driver to collect personal Ancestry Data. With the new format he is able to easily view the data he has collected as well as identify what additional leads he’d like to explore further.

Annual Sales Activity Metrics

Combined 12 months of sales activity data for a mortgage company. We worked with the client to pinpoint metrics that would be useful to highlight. The end result was a clean data sample with specific metrics showing the client the information they wanted to uncover.

Text Classifier

Created a Text analysis process for an Online Consulting Firm. The custom workbook allows the client to compare text strings and assign values to matches. The automated process saves time by allowing only subsections to be run at one time.

Inventory Audit Charts

Enhanced an existing Inventory Report that we have created for a fruit company previously. We added a series of charts and graphs to help the client analyze the data already being captured.

Controller Schedule Report

Automated the reporting process for a Lighting Control company. We developed a custom reporting solution that reads in multiple lengthy text files and outputs a slimmed down report with only the information that is relevant to the company and the job. This automated process saves the company multiple hours per job in report generation while also improving and standardizing their output.

Custom Order Tracking

Created a custom Special Order Tracking spreadsheet for a Wine Distributor. The new tool allows the employees to track Custom Orders in a consistent and organized manner. The order tracker uses conditional formatting to indicate if the details of an order are incomplete and if there has been no action on the order in the last two weeks by highlighting the rows. The owner of the Wine shop is now able to review the status of custom orders as well as answer client questions and follow-up with wineries with up to date accurate information.

Client Services Custom Spreadsheet

Developed a custom Client Services Custom Spreadsheet for a Property Management company. The workbook automatically and instantly populates tabs that list every Client that requests a particular service. Additionally, if a client no longer requires that particular services their information is automatically and instantly removed from the tab. This process allows the client to maintain and distribute up to date work orders to employees with absolutely no work.

Enhanced Time Clock Output

Generated individual Employee Timecards and created an Aggregate Payroll Report for a roofing company. The custom tool we wrote reads the output of the client’s time clock software to create a workbook containing time cards for each employee that properly handles lunches, per diem, over time and double time. Additionally a report showing the hours worked on each day for each job is created for their accounting department.

Recruitment Planner

Enhanced a Wealth Management company’s Recruitment Planner to be a easily modified calculator. By creating updatable tables and values we turned their existing tool into a much more bullet proof calculator that is easy for them to tweak as needed. This allows the client to set up custom recruitment scenarios by updating a hidden worksheet instead of updating value within the cell functions. This allows the changes to be made more quickly and eliminates the users from accidentally modifying the formula.

Custom Dashboard

Developed a custom interactive Dashboard for a Plastics manufacturing company. The dashboard consists of multiple reporting areas all with filtering capabilities. The charts and graphs for each section refresh to show the data filtered by company, product and/or time period.

Google Drive Process csv Files

Created a custom process in Google Sheets for a Media Agency that reads the contents of an uploaded csv file and populates an existing Google Sheet document. This process runs whenever a new csv file is added to the Google drive, saving the client from having to detect new files and kick off the process.

Revenue Forecasting

Developed a Revenue Forecasting tool for a Charity based on previous contributions, history of donors and trends. This tool allows the foundation to repeat this process for future years with minimal effort.

Daily Leasing Tracker

Developed a Lease Tracker for a Student Housing leasing company. The custom solution tracks leases signed as well as other daily activities that may or may not lead to a signed lease such as showings and calls. The workbook generates PDF reports to share with the company owners as well as daily stats that are beneficial to both the management and the staff.

Stand Alone Deep Dive

Created a Custom series of reports for a Private Equity Firm that reads in three complex data sets and outputs a custom report workbook. The imported data is analyzed and displayed in a multitude of ways to allow the client to get a full understanding of effort and outcomes for each individual Deep Dive as well as in aggregate. Without the tool we have generated the client would not be able to view these metrics as the man power required to manually generate the reports and the risk of human error would be too high.

Human Resource Earnings Report & Tax Letter Tool

This is a tool with 2 major functions: Earnings reporting for selected employees and creating tax letters for US/Ex-pat employees reporting annual earnings in Microsoft Word. Both of these functions were completed manually prior to the tool development, taking a lot of time and prone to human error. Each of the tools now complete the tasks in less than 2 minutes.

Major Bank Form Redesign

Redesigned Personal Financial Statement forms to be more user- and print-friendly in Excel

Monthly & Weekly Stats

Developed a custom system allowing for a Dental company to view client metrics across their many branches on a weekly, mid month and end of month basis. We created an import function along with a custom graph feature to allow the client ease of data collection and aggregation as well as the ability to view data metrics. This system saves the client many hours and vastly reduces the risk of human error.

Casualty Spreadsheet Automation

Took an Insurance and Risk Management Brokerage’s existing spreadsheet and enhanced it by generating graphs, reports and creating the ability to easily extend the data set. By including this additional functionality, the workbook morphed from being simply data to a useful reporting tool full of metrics that can be shared company wide and to clients.

Vendor File Automation

Automated an existing manual process for a humanitarian aid company. The automated process separates one input file into multiple files used for reporting. This process saves the client many hours as well as eliminates potential human error.

Historical Data Integration

The customer is a reinsurance broker. The tool enables cycling thru an existing directory structure, opening existing template, extracting applicable data and populating the data on a new claim or premium template. There are thousands of files so this saves a lot of time and prevents human errors.

Actual and forecasted sales model for a medium-sized industrial company

Excel-based model which allows the user to automatically import actual sales from pre-structured import files and also input item forecasts in a clean, structured, and validated form. This allowed data to be managed more effectively, securely, and accurately, while decreasing the time needed for updates each month and removing unneeded and incorrect information as part of their sales analysis.

Event Planning Availability Tool

The customer is a corporate event planner. This comprehensive tool collates responses from hotels and venues regarding availability and pricing of guest rooms, meeting rooms, food and beverage rooms and concession lists. It creates reports for comparison at the Executive level, Meeting Room info, Food and Beverage info and Concessions. It also can separate the hotel responses based on dates or locations.

Projected Commission Database

The customer is a corporate event planner. This tool allows them to track upcoming meetings and calculate projected commission based on numerous factors and commission %s. Can automatically create reports for individual salespeople with only specific data showing.

Collections Tool

This construction and HVAC company was interested in improving their process for tracking and following up on unpaid invoices. They use SAGE accounting software to track their invoices but they had over $1.5M in invoices that were over 30 days old and their current method for following up on these outstanding invoice was either reprinting and mailing the invoices or calling the vendors one-by-one. This process was not happening because it was so tedious. We completely redesigned their process by allowing them to export to full list of outstanding invoices and automated emails (via Microsoft Outlook) to the vendors either based on outstanding duration or full list of outstanding invoices per vendor. The tool also applies credits that were input in the SAGE software against invoice balances so proper remaining balances are calculated. Reports on credits which cannot be matched to invoices in the system are created. Using this tool to create collections emails can now be done by someone without any Excel knowledge and the process is simple enough that it will be simply completed on a monthly basis.

Automate Template Population

Automated the population of an existing template for a Genetics company. We created a custom tool which reads all files within a given folder and uploads the data into the template. Now the user only needs to choose the template file and the folder containing the data files to complete their task. This tool saves the users hours per week and eliminates potential copy/paste errors.

Automation of Tax Reporting

Automated a completely manual tax reporting process for a reinsurance company. Our automated solution not only saved the client many man hours each year, we also uncovered an inconsistency in their previous approach.

Estimate Status Tracking & Correspondence Tool

This construction and HVAC company was interested in improving their process for tracking the subcontractor estimates requested on each job. Their current method was was using paper and pencil and estimates were forgotten and bid due dates were being missed due to the inefficiencies in their process. We completely redesigned their process by allowing them to setup subcontracted parts and each subcontractor for each part for each project. The tool informs the user via pop-ups of bid due dates that are past and almost due in order for the user to check the part/subcontractor statuses. Summary reports for each project and outstanding reports for estimates that were not received per job or per subcontractor can be created. Emails (via Microsoft Outlook) can be automatically created from the tool when a bid due date has changed, a general contractor sends additional drawings/specifications, estimates have not been received or the estimates (job) has been cancelled. After jobs estimates have been given the to the general contractor, if the job is won, the details are moved to the Job Tracking workbook to be tracked separately. Updating and running any aspect of the tool can now be done by someone without any Excel knowledge and all of the inefficiencies and lost data of the previous process is eradicated.

Orders Spreadsheet Enhancements

Enhanced a Google Sheet for a Newspaper Sales company by creating a series of reports and graphs. We were able to allow our client to continue to work with their google sheet while we made the modifications in the shared sheet on off hours.

Automate Population of Summary Report

Automated the population of an existing Summary report for a manufacturing company. The solution automatically imports specified details from all of the source files within a given folder. The solution utilizes named cells so that the client can be free to change the structure of the source files as long as they maintain the named cells. Additionally we allowed for each order number to be a hyperlink to the source file the data originated from, which opens the Excel document when it’s clicked.

Rate Calculator Tool for a Leading Heathcare Provider

Excel-based tool which allows the end user to answer a series of form-based questions to arrive at the fair market value for a particular service provider and service. The administrative side of the tool allows for easy updates to the source data and policies, and the output of the tool provides line item detail on the recommended rates.

Property Budget Automation Tool for a Real Estate Property Management Firm

An Excel-based system which asks the end user a series of form questions to dynamically create a custom budget proposal template, and then calculates all applicable metrics based on additional user input on the specifics of the property.

Automated Client Onboarding Report

Created a Custom client status communication report for a tech company. This report is used to communicate the Client’s onboarding status on a weekly basis. The template allows for easy entry of data, creating bullet points and charts to verbally and visual communicate progress. The report can then be produced as a professional looking PDF to email to the client.

Sales Inventory & Tracking

Created a Custom Sales Inventory & Tracking workbook for a New Development Real Estate Company. This workbook allows the client to combine their Sales, Inventory & Reporting all in one place. The sales manager receives sales activity reports from each sales agent which he is then able to load directly into our tool. He is then able to track the sales progress as well as report commissions, inventory and metrics as needed.

Lable Sheet Templates

Took a PDF and turned it into a updatable Excel template for a sport supplement company. The template has built in functionality for adding rows to all data tables as well as automated picture uploading into the template. When printed as a PDF the buttons used for the functionality are not seen. The templates allow the client to quickly and easily modify the document so it can be customized for the product it represents.

Automated Processed Report

Automated and enhanced a manual report process for an insurance company. We created a solution into which they could load their monthly source data and create a full repository. Having created a database of their information they can now automatically run their reports in for any span of time. This solution took a time consuming manual process and replaced it with a flexible fast solution.

Product & Spec Sheet Templates

Took a PDF and turned it into a updatable Excel template for a sport supplement company. The template allows for automated adding of rows all data tables as well as automated picture uploading into the template. When printed as a PDF the buttons used for the functionality are not seen. The templates allow the client to quickly and easily modify the document so it can be customized for the product it represents.

Mortgage Refinance Loan Calculator

Create a custom refinance calculator for a lending company. The tool we developed allows the loan officers to quickly show the client up to 5 different refinance loan options. The loan officer can then generate a PDF from the loan calculator to give the client. This PDF only contains certain sections, excluding internal only information. This tool allows the loan officers to quickly show their clients pertinent loan information and also provides them with a document that they can give the client with details about what was discussed as well as the loan officer’s contact information.

Risk management dashboard and reconciliation file for a large insurance company

Custom created file to import RAW data files from various selected reports and automatically load the data in the developed structure, compare to the prior month, and generate dashboards and reporting on current and overdue receivables. Built in flexibility to allow for various report formats and structures, and to allow for those reports to change overtime without the need for further development.

Reduce Run Time for Massively Complex Repetitive Calculations

We partnered with the premier independent analytics firm in the Insurance / Reinsurance industry to utilize their patented software product (Translator ++) that optimizes complex Excel calculations. By creating an integratable .dll, the software allows our clients to complete calculations that could have previously taken days or hours to a few minutes or even in seconds.

Compensation Model for a Wealth Management Firm

Compensation Model generated for a Wealth Management firm. This solution calculates bonus, salary and incentive pay based on proprietary calculations which take into account employee review results. The solution allows for quick comparison of the compensation levels of the Employees and Brokers all in one place. Built in alerts ensure that payment structure does not bring the compensation level above or below predefined percentages.

Automated Revenue file for Artisanal Food Manufacturer

Excel-based revenue tracker which allows for sales to be entered either manually or automated via distributor data export files. Supports sales exports from Shopify and Goldbely and can be customized for any CSV data file. The system differentiates between retail and wholesale orders and between different business channels, tracks customer data, and summarizes all revenue by product, by month, by payment type, by source, and by status, and compares current year performance to last year to date. VBA is used to ensure system speed, efficiency, and data validity, saving the end user hours per week in manual entry and countless headaches due to human error.

Reformat Internal Report

Automated the reformatting of a report for an Insurance Company. We transformed an internal unformatted excel document into a client facing, professional report saving the Client multiple manual hours as well as eliminating the risk of human error.

Sales Pipeline Tool

Create a custom workbook for a Joint Replacement company for maintaining sales in their pipeline. The workbook is set up to allow for quick entry/update of data while on the phone with their sales team as well as allowing them to look at metrics across all clients.

PDF Scraping for an Insurance and Risk Management Company

We extracted specific data based on key fields from 2,500+ certificates of insurance in a large PDF. This data was placed into an easy to use format within Excel. The client saved 100s of hours by outsourcing this work to us. Using our approach we were able to complete the task in just a few hours

Project Tracking and Reporting

Audit and modify an existing Excel workbook to allow for material tracking and reporting

Amazon Inventory Update

Custom workbook created for a seller on Amazon to upload Amazon Inventory Updates to help them manage their inventory. This tool includes the mapping and merging of fields from the supplier and Amazon in one place.

Webinar Training and Data Merge for an Asset Management Firm

We conducted a series of Webinars for training around a task that needed to be completed by the company. We assisted, demonstrated and trained the client on merging the data located in two separate files. The client was able to both accomplish a work task and learn useful on the job Excel skills at the same time.

Custom Financial Model

Analyze COGS and overhead costs, and generate product unit pricing and profit margins

Bike Share Data Analysis

Provide interesting metrics from a set of metadata along with supporting reports which included a training session to go over the methodology used

Create a reformatting and restructuring tool for monthly invoicing for a warehousing and transportation services business

Developed a reformatting and restructuring tool for a Storage & Transportation company’s Monthly Invoice. We took a report with all of the Storage & Transportation company’s invoicing data in one sheet and reformatted it to be separate sheets for each client with subtotals. The tool separates clients into their own tabs, provides subtotals by charge types and eliminates unnecessary rows. The stand alone Excel tool takes an Excel document as the input file and reformats it, saving as the same file name. Each tab of the new workbook can be printed or emailed as needed. This replaced a lengthy manual process saving the client hours of time on a monthly basis.

Payroll Processing

Enhanced an existing workbook’s capabilities and automated much of its functionality including the ability to import files, export csv function and macros replacing manual processes.

Cash Confirmation Package Reporting Tool

Tool created for a hedge fund that imports a series of client files. The tool gives the user the ability to indicate which client should have a corresponding document created. The output generates 5 word documents per each selected client.

Fix Runtime Error

Audited a customer’s workbook and fixed an identified runtime error

Weekly Tracking Report with Consolidation

Created a solution for Foreman to supply Weekly Tracking sheet that are uploaded to a master workbook where they are stored in a database. The master workbook has a Dashboard including various canned reports, ability to select timeframes for each report and also generates P&L.

Interactive Reservation Calendar for a Sport Rental Company

We created a custom reservation calendar that tracks rentals for multiple pieces of sporting equipment by multiple customers. The calendar allows the client to view the data in multiple ways. It tracks customer data, payment confirmations, waivers, etc. The calendar view shows rentals by day and by equipment piece. There are checks and balances to ensure that the client has been marked as paid before the equipment is lent out and also warns against double booking among many other checks and balances.

Large dataset reporting tool for company offering turn-key Healthcare Response Programs to organizations nationwide

Create an Access solution for importing and searching on large sets of data.

Inventory Tracking

Replace an existing Inventory tracking set of workbooks with a custom solution in one workbook with reports. We then added functionality to auto run the existing reports and then save in a stand-alone reformatted workbook with no link, buttons or formulas.

Inspection Template and PDF report

Created an Excel workbook for collecting inspection data. The tool keeps track of required fields, performs data auditing and allows for photo upload.

Payroll Entry & Summary Tool

Created a custom Payroll Entry and Reporting Tool for an Oil & Gas and Refining & Construction Services business

Excel Estimator

Replace an old process built in lotus with an updated enhanced version in Excel.

QuickBooks Export file converted to a Paychex import file for a Train/Locomotive Repair Company

We created a tool that takes the client’s custom QuickBooks extract and populates the Paychex import tool. The client only needs to click one button in the Paychex import tool to generate the correctly formatted Paychex import file.

Annual Consolidation & Reporting Tool

Developed estimating and tracking tool that consolidates and reports on data from a third party

Board List and Board Company Reformat of top Recruiting Firm

Audited a workbook, cleansed the data and reformatted the file accordingly

Reformat Transcript Data

Reformat an existing spreadsheet by adding a summary and reworking the entry sheets.

Target List added to Reformatting Add-In

Add a new reformatting routine to an the existing Reformatting Add-In for a Private Equity Firm

Oil and Gas Project Deal Tracker, Importing and Reporting Tool

This energy company was interested in improving their process for tracking their oil and gas deals. Their current method was cumbersome and depended upon Excel power-users within the company to update it accordingly. We completely redesigned their data and built a customized interface using dynamic forms to help them input their data (including images, maps and curves). We also developed an “import” function that allows them to quickly process information from an outside source. The tool is easy to update, can import deal info from other sources, and aggregates summary info. Updating and running any aspect of the tool can now be done by someone without any Excel knowledge.

Dynamic Employee Scheduler for Construction Company

This construction company was in need of a new way to schedule their workers. We developed a customized solution that incorporated their current business model into the logic of the scheduler to save them time and effort.

Sales Rep Tracker for Industrial Manufacturing Company

This industrial company was interested in creating a new and improved way for their sales staff to input their data into a spreadsheet that made it easier to maintain and analyze. The main problem was that they were using several different workbooks that each had to be individually maintained. We were able to develop a customized routine that took out their manual processes and connected the workbooks together.

Forecasting Model for Country Club

Enhanced the Country Club’s existing Financial Model to help the Club make educated decisions as to whether or not to deploy potential future projects to the club. They user now just needs to enter a few figures to see the impact of improvements to the Country Club and how those projects will impact their financials

Campaign Reporting Tool for a full-service Performance Marketing Firm

Audited clients existing Marketing Campaign Tool to verify accuracy and correct any prior formulas or methodologies to help them manager the performance of their customer’s marketing campaigns more efficiently.

Customer Management Tool for Premiere Small Business Educational Program Globally

Data from multiple workbooks detailing financial results of small business participants on an annual and quarterly basis were consolidated into a database with a slick dashboard. User can pull up summary details on the desired small business participant and can view the corresponding metrics with ease via the Dashboard.

Automated Org Chart Updates from Excel Workbook to for Insurance Annual Statement

Created Excel template files that feed Org Plus to automatically generate Org Charts for an Insurance Parent Company and all of their affiliates for their Annual Statement (Yellow Book)

Data focused Webinar for Human Resources Group of a nationally recognized Hospital

Custom Webinar Training Sessions for PC 2007 users in Human Resources. Topics included: Keyboard Shortcuts, Moving around a Workbook, Freeze Panes, Sorting, Auto Filters, Text Functions, Intro to Formulas, Advanced Formulas, VLOOKUPs, Charts and Graphs, PivotTables and More!

Time Zone Functions for Phone-Based Marketing Firm

Created 3 Functions remotely installed on our clients computer (via Webinar): Area Code function to pull the Area Code from a phone number; State function to determine the state based upon the Area Code; Time Zone function that determined the Time Zone based upon the state. This helped the Phone-Based company to easily determine optimal times to make sales calls to customers.

Automated Task Completion Workbook

Created a tool that allowed our client to track the progress of a large number of tasks from the phase of Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing and then Completed. This tool also included a Summary Dashboard of the status of key tasks and the degree of progress in between phases.

Estimating Tool for niche Elevator business

Created a fluid Estimating Tool for a Custom Elevator business for the purpose of responding to RFPs where the user can input necessary info for up to 4 Estimates. All calculations flow through the tool and are automatically displayed on summary Estimate pages and an overall Proposal Summary page. Finally, a PDF of the Proposal is generated for the customer.

Insurance Specific In-Person Excel Training Session

Custom In-Person Training Session held at an Insurance Company for PC 2007 users in various departments. Topics included: Keyboard Shortcuts, Auto Filters, VLOOKUPs, Charts and Graphs, PivotTables and More!

Intro to VBA Webinar

Custom Intro to VBA Webinar Training Session for Insurance Company which included users in various departments

Restaurant Financials Deck

In person review and brainstorming session followed by creation of Financial Models for Business Plan Deck for opening a restaurant in Manhattan

Reinsurance Specific Excel Training Session

Custom In-Person Training Session held at a Reinsurance Broker for PC 2013 users in various departments. Topics included: Keyboard Shortcuts, Auto Filters, VLOOKUPs, Charts and Graphs, PivotTables and More!

Settlement Allocation Tool created for Mass Tort Healthcare Litigation Settlement for a Law Firm

Created a Mass Tort Litigation Tool which classified incident types per claimant over time to depict various scenarios for settlement values based upon insurance coverages available

Custom In-Person Excel Training Session for Family Office

Custom In-Person Training Session for Family Office of PC 2010 and Mac 2011 users. Topics included: Auto Filters, VLOOKUPs, Charts and Graphs, PivotTables, and more!

Custom In-Person Excel Training Session focusing on Financial Services Data

Custom In-Person Training Session for premiere Data Collection and Analysis Company service Financial Institutions. Training covered PC 2007, PC 2010 and Mac 2011 users. Topics included: Auto Filters, Text Functions, VLOOKUPs, Charts and Graphs, PivotTables, an Intro to Macros/VBA, and more!

Contest Workbook for a full-service Performance Marketing Firm

Contest Tool created to track leads in a contest combining information from Salesforce and an online Contest Provider into an Excel workbook that automatically generates a score based on the data input for the contest requirements.

Master Planning Automation Tool to Streamline Processes for Specialized Fashion Company

Client’s Master Planning file was modified to automatically upload the latest data from multiple sources (spreadsheets and systems) and manipulating the data accordingly to help them manage their budget and Current Bookings by Season by Label for various Wholesale and Retail accounts.

Graduates Dashboard for a Non Profit Supporting Small Businesses

Created a Summary Dashboard of graduates to an Entrepreneurial Program providing resources to business owners in violence affected countries. We audited and enhanced formulas in the underlying data, added structure, and formatted workbook to improve clients tracking of key metrics.

Accounts Receivable Report Automation for top Real Estate Law Firm

This law firm was spending several hours each month assembling an Accounts Receivable report by exporting data from their accounting system and manually manipulating it to fit their desired format. We built a workbook that connected directly into their database to automatically pull the information and programmed a macro to format the report, all with a click of a button.

Reengineer Apartment Proforma

Created a Custom Apartment Complex Proforma for a Real-Estate Development and Investment Firm. The end result is a tool they can use when making decisions before and during construction projects including seamless formulas, sleek formatting, enhancements, charts, graphs and reports.

Text Movement Macro for a global IT services company

This IT business had a system that exported survey data into Excel, but in a format that was not usable. Rather than spending hours manipulating the exported data, the client reached out to us to see if we could develop a solution to help. We programmed a customized routine, triggered by a keyboard shortcut, that took their data and automatically manipulated it into their desired format.

QuickBooks Macro to further Customize Reports for Contracting Business

This custom home contractor needed help organizing QuickBooks financial data. The “canned” reports provided with QuickBooks were not enough for this client to manage their invoices, so they reached out to us to see if we could help. We built the client a simple macro workbook that transformed their QuickBooks export file into exactly what they needed.

Dynamic Concatenation Macro

This online bookstore client had their product data in a workbook that was not user friendly and required a lot of time to manipulate manually. We programmed a macro inside the client’s existing workbook to combine text for a dynamic number of values together using customized logic and triggered by a keyboard shortcut. After the project was completed, the client said that our solution would save her over 100 hours of work each year!

Create a custom standalone Healthcare Deductible Bill Invoice tool for an Insurance Company

We replaced a semi-manual process for creating Deductible Billing invoices with a standalone automated Deductible Billing PDF generating tool for a specialty Insurance Company. Now our client only needs to upload an input Excel file to generate a formatted Deductible Billing Invoice PDF file that is customer ready. The invoice produces a summary page along with billing details and includes the calculated amount due while still allowing for manual entry of the Previous Paid amount.

Healthcare Loss Run Tool generating various styles of PDF reports from a Loss Run

We created a Loss Run Generation Tool for a specialty Insurance Company that automated the process of generating a formatted Loss Report by Insured by Policy Number in a PDF file that is customer ready. Now our client only needs to upload a Loss Run (Excel file) to the Loss Run Generation Tool, select their desired style of PDF reports (Self Insured Retention, standalone Deductible, …), and where they want to save it and then can generate the report. Additionally, the client no longer needs to go through the manual process for creating For Reference Only claim reports as this has been included as an additional output of the Tool. The PDF Reports from the Tool include automated text replacement, conditional record inclusion along with both detail and summary sections.

Reinsurance Treaty Template for Large Financial Services Parent Group and their Global Subsidiaries

Created a template for inputting Reinsurance Treaty Details on a per contract basis. The template includes varying functionality for Quote Share, Excess of Loss and Aggregate Stop Loss Treaties along with a robust database of Reinsurer Names and their corresponding Groups, Domiciles, Syndicate #s, and FEIN #s. User does not need to have any Excel knowledge to enter information in this template. Other key features of this template include: ability for the client to update dropdowns and change any parent names post acquisition, pushing out updates to all users via a google spreadsheet, printer-ready summaries for Letter, A3 & A4 paper at the push of a button and automatically converting original currencies to US $ based on the conversion rate at the effective date of the treaty. This is done via web scraping the rates from

Importing and Reporting Tool for Reinsurance Treaty Templates for Large Financial Services Parent Group and their Global Subsidiaries

This tool allows insurers and reinsurers to upload all completed Reinsurance Treaty Templates. The tool then produces 2 large data sets and corresponding PivotTables for the user to aggregate and slice the information themselves along with a sophisticated dashboard including canned reports that can be easily altered by Broker, Reinsurer, Treaty Type, Line of Business, and so forth.

How can I pay?

We accept payments via check and all major credit cards.

‎How much is due upfront?

We require full payment for the deliverable prior to getting started on the work.

Who does the actual work?

We have a fleet of spreadsheet ninjas that come from various backgrounds (Engineering, Computer Programming, Math, Finance, …) and know how to beat up a spreadsheet. Based on your task, we will pair you with the most suitable ninja for your request.

Can you handle Financial Models?

We love Financial Models and we audit them too.

How do you handle data and confidentiality?

We know how crazy important and valuable your data is! That is why we have a host of ways of dealing with this:

  1. We handle your data with the utmost care and do NOT share it with anyone
  2. We can sign an NDA if desired
  3. You can send us your files without all of the data. We may just ask you to include a couple of dummy rows of sample data. We can then create a solution for you using your dummy data. When we deliver the solution, we can provide instructions for pasting in your actual data or we can do this virtually for you over a GoToMeeting or we can come to your office and take care of this.
Do you teach classes or give webinars?

We do not offer general group training. That said, we can absolutely give you a 1-on-1 session to help you move through your work(books) much better! Typically these will be held remotely via call/GoToMeeting.  Other options include:

  • Our on-demand Video Tutorials are for sale in Tools. Additionally, we have great partners that handle slick on demand training options. Reach out if you want an introduction to these partners.
  • Outsource the work to us!!  Just Submit a Task.


Can I have a 1-on-1 session for you to show me how to do my work better?

Yep! That’s what we are here for. This can be done via Webinar (GoToMeeting) or in-person dependent up your desired scheduling and location.

How do I know we are on the same page?

Before assembling a Proposal (Scope of Work and Quote) for you, we will flesh out any Q&A over emails, calls, GoToMeetings ‎or a combination of them. We will then outline the Scope of Work for your review and approval before moving forward.

Is troubleshooting included?

The payment for your deliverable* includes post-completion troubleshooting and/or explanation within 20 business days upon receiving the final deliverable to ensure you are happy with the result.

*For those projects where deployment has special characteristics (such as a big number of users, different systems, special IT security requirements) and in those cases additional time may be indicated in the ballpark estimate for that and sometimes agreed to be charged by the hour with the client.

How is pricing determined?

We have been receiving and turning around Excel requests daily for the past 7 plus years. So, we have seen it all and know the skill needed, how long it is going to take us to turn around the work, the questions necessary and all the other nuts and bolts to get the work done. Thus, our pricing is generated based on these factors and will be included in your Proposal.

Can you do my homework?

We are willing to give students a webinar to teach any pertinent skills to the subject matter, but we are NOT able to do the work for you. Should you decide to go the webinar route, we can work with you to assemble an appropriate list of topics to help you tackle the subject matter as best possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we feel for you as we have been there when it comes to daunting homework assignments! Please check out our Cheat Sheets and Getting Started Video Tutorials as a way to help ease some spreadsheet pain throughout those rigorous classes.

Is rush delivery available?

Of course it is! We can most certainly accommodate your tight timeframe. If desired, when we send over your Proposal we can include 2 Quotes, one for rush delivery and one for non-rush. This way you can weigh your options with price and completion date.

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