• Jen Portland
    Jen Portland CEO

    After a Systems Engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a few years of working in Corporate America, I, Jen Portland, eventually became an expert in the “business art form” of Microsoft Excel.

    It was after several particularly late nights, at my “day job”, helping others to finish their Excel work that the idea for was born! I knew that if demand for this particular skill was so prevalent in my company, it must exist elsewhere. It was then that I decided to begin offering these services to the general public and in May 2008, Excel Rain Man started cranking out spreadsheet consulting work for companies of all sizes.

The Excel Rain Man Core Team:

  • Allyssa

    Allyssa, aka Lisbeth Salander, may come across as a laid back spreadsheeter with 3 kiddos wreaking havoc around her spreadsheet lair, but she is one of the nastiest VBA experts around. Alyssa is famous for the buttons she creates in Excel for our customers. Buttons that take 20 hours of painful regular reporting tasks and transforms them into 20 second breezes… all at the push of, well, a button! Allyssa is in charge of anything Visual Basic here at Excel Rain Man.

  • Jaime

    Jaime is the femme fatale with a background in math, programming, database administration and design and of course Visual Basic, who may be seducing your Excel spreadsheet, but behind your back is also charming Access databases all over town. Her amazing talent for handling some of the most complicated spreadsheet issues with ease and grace regularly leaves our clients speechless. And while sometimes I think she is cheating on Excel, I can’t help but embrace Jaime’s amazing talents and she is now leading up Access Rain Man.

  • Shaun

    While our MATHletic paths never crossed @ Penn (due to me being “slightly” older…), I am sure glad that our spreadsheet stars aligned in 2011. Shaun is VBAwesome (pre-req of course), has a photographic memory (insanely jealous of that one), graduated Magna Cum Laude (over-achiever) and loves veal parm. From day 1 on this Excel ride he has proven to be the real deal … His clients know exactly what I mean. In addition to banging out challenging requests, Shaun leads up the West Coast team for Excel Rain Man in our Seattle location.

  • Kirk

    Hailing from tropical Cleveland, Ohio, Kirk’s love triangle with Excel and VBA grew out of necessity as much as it did personal passion. With a diverse background ranging from Engineering Design to Project Management to Application Development, reliance on customized Excel spreadsheets has been the common thread running throughout. A self-proclaimed tinkerer, Kirk prides himself in finding singular solutions to particularly troublesome problems. When not off spreadsheeting or tinkering, Kirk can usually be found globetrotting with his family to remote-ish parts of the world sampling the local cuisines and music scenes.

  • Austin

    It’s only fitting that a spreadsheeter with the name Austin leads up our Gulf Coast team, drives a Dodge Ram that he won by hitting a hole in one in a local golf tournament, and is a Cowboys fan.  Despite Austin’s charm and sport-tasticness, this guy knows how to nerd out in a spreadsheet whether it is beating up a financial model, streamlining a deal tracker, creating slick templates, or automating processes. Austin’s got it going on…

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