Recent Task

Complete & Edit CRM Import File

Helped a Political Consulting Firm to complete the transfer of data from one CRM system to another. The client needed help merging files as well as cleaning up some of the data. Some data was in all capital letters, some data was stored in one column and needed to be separated into three as well as other data conversions for date formats. We were able to perform the transformation task in a fraction of the time expected allowing our client to be up and running on their new CRM system ahead of schedule.

Ancestry Data

Created a custom workbook for a truck driver to collect personal Ancestry Data. With the new format he is able to easily view the data he has collected as well as identify what additional leads he’d like to explore further.

Monthly & Weekly Stats

Developed a custom system allowing for a Dental company to view client metrics across their many branches on a weekly, mid month and end of month basis. We created an import function along with a custom graph feature to allow the client ease of data collection and aggregation as well as the ability to view data metrics. This system saves the client many hours and vastly reduces the risk of human error.

Casualty Spreadsheet Automation

Took an Insurance and Risk Management Brokerage’s existing spreadsheet and enhanced it by generating graphs, reports and creating the ability to easily extend the data set. By including this additional functionality, the workbook morphed from being simply data to a useful reporting tool full of metrics that can be shared company wide and to clients.

Automated Processed Reports

Automated and enhanced a manual report process for an insurance company. We created a solution into which they could load their monthly source data and create a full repository. Having created a database of their information they can now automatically run their reports in for any span of time. This solution took a time consuming manual process and replaced it with a flexible fast solution.

Rewrote a Construction Company’s Invoicing workbook by replacing formulas and linked worksheets with macros

The company had an existing series of linked workbooks for Invoicing and an Invoicing Summary. It was very large, slow and unstable. We replaced the same functionality with one workbook that was faster, smaller and stable. Because of the new structure the client was able to enhance their reporting and pass the task of managing the workbook to another Employee.

Payroll Processing

Enhanced an existing workbook’s capabilities and automated much of its functionality including the ability to import files, export csv function and macros replacing manual processes.

Cash Confirmation Package Reporting Tool

Tool created for a hedge fund that imports a series of client files. The tool gives the user the ability to indicate which client should have a corresponding document created. The output generates 5 word documents per each selected client.

Survey Data Consolidation

Survey data consolidation with dynamic graphs.

Weekly Tracking Report with Consolidation

Created a solution for Foreman to supply Weekly Tracking sheet that are uploaded to a master workbook where they are stored in a database. The master workbook has a Dashboard including various canned reports, ability to select timeframes for each report and also generates P&L.

Large dataset reporting tool for company offering turn-key Healthcare Response Programs to organizations nationwide

Create an Access solution for importing and searching on large sets of data.

Annual Consolidation & Reporting Tool

Developed estimating and tracking tool that consolidates and reports on data from a third party

Customer Management Tool for Premiere Small Business Educational Program Globally

Data from multiple workbooks detailing financial results of small business participants on an annual and quarterly basis were consolidated into a database with a slick dashboard. User can pull up summary details on the desired small business participant and can view the corresponding metrics with ease via the Dashboard.

Master Planning Automation Tool to Streamline Processes for Specialized Fashion Company

Client’s Master Planning file was modified to automatically upload the latest data from multiple sources (spreadsheets and systems) and manipulating the data accordingly to help them manage their budget and Current Bookings by Season by Label for various Wholesale and Retail accounts.

Data Conversion and Mapping Project for Clothing Store and Website

This fashion client had 24 product files that were from 2 different systems and needed help combining them together so that they could analyze all of their data at once. They contacted us and explained their problem and frustration, and we offered to help. We were able to combine all of the client’s data together into organized sheets in one file, giving them exactly what they needed to move forward with their business.

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