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Custom Order Tracking

Created a custom Special Order Tracking spreadsheet for a Wine Distributor. The new tool allows the employees to track Custom Orders in a consistent and organized manner. The order tracker uses conditional formatting to indicate if the details of an order are incomplete and if there has been no action on the order in the last two weeks by highlighting the rows. The owner of the Wine shop is now able to review the status of custom orders as well as answer client questions and follow-up with wineries with up to date accurate information.

Inventory Tracking Tool with Barcode Scanner

Created a Custom Inventory tracking workbook for a Cannabis retailer. The workbook allows for barcodes to be scanned for incoming products. The quantities are tallied and descriptions of products are maintained.

Provide weekly reports to illustrate sales, cost and margin analysis for a Technology Retail Consulting Company

We developed a custom tool to produce reports for the company based on a weekly extract of their sales & costs. The company preferred that we run the reports for them every week. Each week they would email the data files and we would run the tool we built and send back the resulting reports.

Amazon Inventory Update

Custom workbook created for a seller on Amazon to upload Amazon Inventory Updates to help them manage their inventory. This tool includes the mapping and merging of fields from the supplier and Amazon in one place.

Custom Financial Model

Analyze COGS and overhead costs, and generate product unit pricing and profit margins

Create a reformatting and restructuring tool for monthly invoicing for a warehousing and transportation services business

Developed a reformatting and restructuring tool for a Storage & Transportation company’s Monthly Invoice. We took a report with all of the Storage & Transportation company’s invoicing data in one sheet and reformatted it to be separate sheets for each client with subtotals. The tool separates clients into their own tabs, provides subtotals by charge types and eliminates unnecessary rows. The stand alone Excel tool takes an Excel document as the input file and reformats it, saving as the same file name. Each tab of the new workbook can be printed or emailed as needed. This replaced a lengthy manual process saving the client hours of time on a monthly basis.

Interactive Reservation Calendar for a Sport Rental Company

We created a custom reservation calendar that tracks rentals for multiple pieces of sporting equipment by multiple customers. The calendar allows the client to view the data in multiple ways. It tracks customer data, payment confirmations, waivers, etc. The calendar view shows rentals by day and by equipment piece. There are checks and balances to ensure that the client has been marked as paid before the equipment is lent out and also warns against double booking among many other checks and balances.

Consolidate Individual Quote Files for Salesforce upload for a Lighting Company

We created a tool that will search any nested folder structure for individual Quote files. The tool provides a list of the files it intends to import which the client can edit as needed. When the customer is happy with the list the tool will import data from all of the individual Quote files and create one master file to be uploaded to Salesforce. The client used this tool for an initial population of their Quote data and also uses it on an ongoing basis to import new Quotes.

Fabric Summary Reports Automation for Specialized Fashion Company

Workbook developed to automate the importing of data and the updating of summary reports to give the Fashion Company an understanding of what Fabric is available at what time and what is left over from prior seasons and can be used for upcoming seasons.

Master Planning Automation Tool to Streamline Processes for Specialized Fashion Company

Client’s Master Planning file was modified to automatically upload the latest data from multiple sources (spreadsheets and systems) and manipulating the data accordingly to help them manage their budget and Current Bookings by Season by Label for various Wholesale and Retail accounts.

Dynamic Concatenation Macro

This online bookstore client had their product data in a workbook that was not user friendly and required a lot of time to manipulate manually. We programmed a macro inside the client’s existing workbook to combine text for a dynamic number of values together using customized logic and triggered by a keyboard shortcut. After the project was completed, the client said that our solution would save her over 100 hours of work each year!

Data Conversion and Mapping Project for Clothing Store and Website

This fashion client had 24 product files that were from 2 different systems and needed help combining them together so that they could analyze all of their data at once. They contacted us and explained their problem and frustration, and we offered to help. We were able to combine all of the client’s data together into organized sheets in one file, giving them exactly what they needed to move forward with their business.

Inventory Tracking

Replace an existing Inventory tracking set of workbooks with a custom solution in one workbook with reports. We then added functionality to auto run the existing reports and then save in a stand-alone reformatted workbook with no link, buttons or formulas.

Bakery Employee Attendance Tracking

Rework an existing Bakery Employee Attendance Tracking Excel workbook to be more user friendly, more relevant and more professional looking. Updated the formatting and added in a macro to assist adding new employees across the quarterly sheets which are used to track Vacation, Personal and Sick days.

Automated Financial Variance Report for Hotel

This hotel client had financial software that allowed them to export large amounts of data, but they needed help structuring it into views that gave them insight into their business. Over the course of 3 phases, we helped by creating a customized routine that manipulated and formatted the data into an easy-to-use file that helped them analyze their financial metrics (rooms sold, average price, weekly change, etc.) by showing different views of the data.

Trader Dashboards Automation

Automate an existing workbook by replacing many existing formulas and lookups with Macros. Additionally ensured that all charts & graphs are refreshed with the latest data when updated.

How can I pay?

We accept payments via check and all major credit cards.

‎How much is due upfront?

We require full payment for the deliverable prior to getting started on the work.

Who does the actual work?

We have a fleet of spreadsheet ninjas that come from various backgrounds (Engineering, Computer Programming, Math, Finance, …) and know how to beat up a spreadsheet. Based on your task, we will pair you with the most suitable ninja for your request.

Can you handle Financial Models?

We love Financial Models and we audit them too.

How do you handle data and confidentiality?

We know how crazy important and valuable your data is! That is why we have a host of ways of dealing with this:

  1. We handle your data with the utmost care and do NOT share it with anyone
  2. We can sign an NDA if desired
  3. You can send us your files without all of the data. We may just ask you to include a couple of dummy rows of sample data. We can then create a solution for you using your dummy data. When we deliver the solution, we can provide instructions for pasting in your actual data or we can do this virtually for you over a GoToMeeting or we can come to your office and take care of this.
Do you teach classes or give webinars?

We do not offer general group training. That said, we can absolutely give you a 1-on-1 session to help you move through your work(books) much better! Typically these will be held remotely via call/GoToMeeting.  Other options include:

  • Our on-demand Video Tutorials are for sale in Tools. Additionally, we have great partners that handle slick on demand training options. Reach out if you want an introduction to these partners.
  • Outsource the work to us!!  Just Submit a Task.


Can I have a 1-on-1 session for you to show me how to do my work better?

Yep! That’s what we are here for. This can be done via Webinar (GoToMeeting) or in-person dependent up your desired scheduling and location.

How do I know we are on the same page?

Before assembling a Proposal (Scope of Work and Quote) for you, we will flesh out any Q&A over emails, calls, GoToMeetings ‎or a combination of them. We will then outline the Scope of Work for your review and approval before moving forward.

Is troubleshooting included?

The payment for your deliverable* includes post-completion troubleshooting and/or explanation within 20 business days upon receiving the final deliverable to ensure you are happy with the result.

*For those projects where deployment has special characteristics (such as a big number of users, different systems, special IT security requirements) and in those cases additional time may be indicated in the ballpark estimate for that and sometimes agreed to be charged by the hour with the client.

How is pricing determined?

We have been receiving and turning around Excel requests daily for the past 7 plus years. So, we have seen it all and know the skill needed, how long it is going to take us to turn around the work, the questions necessary and all the other nuts and bolts to get the work done. Thus, our pricing is generated based on these factors and will be included in your Proposal.

Can you do my homework?

We are willing to give students a webinar to teach any pertinent skills to the subject matter, but we are NOT able to do the work for you. Should you decide to go the webinar route, we can work with you to assemble an appropriate list of topics to help you tackle the subject matter as best possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we feel for you as we have been there when it comes to daunting homework assignments! Please check out our Cheat Sheets and Getting Started Video Tutorials as a way to help ease some spreadsheet pain throughout those rigorous classes.

Is rush delivery available?

Of course it is! We can most certainly accommodate your tight timeframe. If desired, when we send over your Proposal we can include 2 Quotes, one for rush delivery and one for non-rush. This way you can weigh your options with price and completion date.

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