Spreadsheet Survivor Pool 2020

Hope you are feeling well! While we may not be cheering in-person this fall, we are certainly ready for some virtual football… so back by popular demand is the FREE Excel Rain Man Football Survivor Pool (FSP). Thanks, Allyssa!

2020 NFL Survivor Pool Screenshot

This is a PC- and Mac-ready Excel Rain Man Tool for managing your own survivor-style football pool using Microsoft Excel. Survivor Pool spreadsheets still aren’t really available on the market these days (you’re welcome), and more offices continue to block access to the available online providers (WTF?). Thus… BOOM!

Here’s the deal.
– Each week pool participants will choose one football team to win, straight up (i.e. no spreads)
– Once a participant has chosen a team, they will be unable to choose that team for the remainder of the season
– If your team wins, you move on to the next week
– The league manager can choose single- or double-elimination style and how to handle ties in NFL games

– A Pool Manager is needed to coordinate this “spread-tasterpiece” and will enter selections each week for the participants
– The Manager must download the FSP template to run it on their computer
– Each Pool Participant will email his or her weekly selection to the Pool Manager (prior to the first game of the week)

– All game start times are listed in Eastern time zone
– The Pool Manager will need to account for any unforeseen schedule/game impacts (such as due to the result of COVID-19 or flex schedule changes) as we will not be updating the tool mid-season
– All flex schedule games currently listed without a start time are shown in the FSP as Sunday 1:00 PM games with an asterisk to denote that they are TBD

DON’T FORGET the 1st game of the season is Texans @ Chiefs on Thursday, September 10th @ 8:20 pm!

The FREE Excel Rain Man Football Survivor Pool can be downloaded in the Tips & Tricks section of ExcelRainMan.com.

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