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DON’T FORGET the 1st game of the football season is Steelers @ Patriots this Thursday, September 10th @ 8:30 pm… which means you need to download 2 FREE templates from the Tips & Tricks page of pronto:
•    2015 NFL Kickoff Box Pool 
•    2015 Football Survivor Pool (PC or Mac)

Details on how to use each tool are as follows:

2015 NFL Kickoff Box Pool 

Start the football season off right with the FREE Excel Rain Man 2015 NFL Kickoff Box Pool.  Share the joy with your friends, family, co-workers, whoever!

This is way better than any Box Pool template you have seen before:
– It eliminates the chicken scratch handwriting from the pool manager and entrants
– It can be easily printed and/or emailed to your crew
– You can enter in the quarterly scores during the game and the winners names will automatically be populated in the spreadsheet… now that’s transparency!

AND this spreadsheet makes it look like you are doing some intense work-related spreadsheeting, as opposed to quasi-gambling.


2015 Football Survivor Pool

The FREE Excel Rain Man Football Survivor Pool (FSP) is back for Season 7 and Allyssa has pulled out all of the stops by creating both a PC and Mac solution (you ask and you shall receive)… so pick ‘um pool managers can outsource much of their job as FSP commish with a spreadsheet solution that will knock your socks off. Special thanks to Laura for the face-lift to the templates… you should see her other ridic spreadsheet works of art.


For those of you who don’t know, this is an Excel Rain Tool for managing your own survivor-style football pool using Microsoft Excel. Survivor Pool spreadsheets still aren’t really available on the market these days (you’re welcome), and offices continue to block access to the available online providers (WTF?).

With this useful and discrete tool, pool managers can look as though they are working on quarterly P&L’s while secretly picking their weekly League W/L’s!  Here’s the deal.

– Each week pool participants will choose one football team to win, straight up (i.e. no spreads)
– Once a participant has chosen a team, they will be unable to choose that team for the remainder of the season
– If your team wins, you move on to the next week
– The league manager can choose single or double elimination style and how to handle ties in NFL games

– A Pool Manager is needed to coordinate this “spread-tasterpiece” and will enter selections each week for the participants
– The manager must download the associated Mac/PC template for it to properly run on their computer
– Each Pool Participant will email his or her weekly selection to the pool manager (prior to the first game of the week)

– You do NOT need a password to run the manager


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