Cheat Sheets AND love in this Trunk Club

What is the only thing better than a keyboard shortcut? How about tons of keyboard shortcuts all wrapped up in an adorable cheat sheet!

This has been on the Excel Rain to-do list for quite some time, and when my Pops recently asked me why I didn’t have any Excel cheat sheets for him, I realized that this was long overdue.

So hook yourself up with Excel Rain Man’s Cheat Sheets which have been created for the following versions of Excel:
– PC 2007 version of Excel
– PC 2010 version of Excel
– Mac 2008 version of Excel
– Mac 2011 version of Excel

These document have loads of keyboard shortcuts and Excel Rain Man’s “go-to moves” when opening a workbook.

Hope you find some goodies in there… and think of my father, the brilliant photographer Mark Portland, when you are makin’ it rain formulas like nobody’s business.

These can of course be downloaded for FREE from the Tips & Tricks page of So go print it and hang it in your cube as you are going to refer to it daily. You can thank me later.

Or if you want to refer to it electronically and you know what you are looking for, just open up the pdf, use the Find keyboard shortcut (PC: Control + F / Mac: Command + F), type in the text you want to search for and click enter.

Don’t be selfish… Spread(sheet) the love this holiday season by forwarding these along to your friends and colleagues!

Small Biz Spotlight
“Ball so hard, Trunk Club is gonna dress me!”

Are you in the Club? Trunk Club that is. Don’t know about it? Well then, you better aks somebody.

Trunk Club is an amazing men’s clothing service for dudes who want to dress well but don’t have any interest or time for shopping.

Here’s how it works: Trunk Club hooks you up with a personal stylist, who gets familiar with your look (or desired look), sizes etc., and they send you a hand-picked “trunk” of clothes to your home or office, based on your preferences. Keep what you want and return the rest via a pre-paid FedEx label. You only get charged for what you keep. No Fees. No hassle. No brainer.

The Trunk Club is like Pandora Radio for bad-ass clothing. You get them started with your general likes and dislikes and your stylist will continue to refine your profile based on what you keep or send back over time.
How did this Diva happen upon this genius idea you ask? Well, for my husband’s recent birthday, I wanted to step outside the box, but between spreadsheets, webinars, golf, yoga, fantasy football, and the fab arsenal of CW teeny bopper shows (don’t sleep on “The Secret Circle”), where was I to find the time? Thankfully a bud told me about the Trunk Club. First, I was hooked up with a Trunk Club stylist (Kristen Boettcher), who is amazing. She Facebook’ed me as to get a sense of my husband’s style through pictures. I also let her know how much I was looking to spend… that’s it. A week later a very well packaged “trunk” arrived chock full of great clothes.
As the website states, “The traditional shopping process, whether in stores or online, doesn’t work for men. Trunk Club is different.” Oh how right you are.

This is an especially good gift if your man is lacking a bit in the style department. The Trunk Club will get him out of those mom jeans and into something a bit more “current” without the pain of dragging him around town to shop and try things on in public.
Remember, you are only charged for what you decide to keep and shipping is free both ways. Oh, and did I mention that customers outside of Illinois, don’t pay sales tax either?

So keep your pants on (for now) and email or call Kristen (, 312-266-8700). Tell her that Excel Rain Man sent you and she will hook you up with a ballin’ trunk.

It’s time to start enjoying this holiday season!! We got your spreadsheet work covered… just Submit a Request and get your butt out of that cubicle and go get your holiday shop on or burn some post-Thanksgiving cals that you gobbled up this past weekend.

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