March Madness SPREADtacular and Introducing Excel Rain Man Classes

Happy almost Spring from the Excel Rain Man team! In this issue, we have yet another bundle of EXCEL love for you:
1. March Madness Bracket SPREADtacular
2. Excel Rain Man classes have arrived!!!

1. March Madness Bracket SPREADtacular
March Madness is just around the corner and while faux gambling junkies may find their recession restricted office pool(s) a bit smaller this year … the pride of correctly picking Radford to make it to the Sweet 16 lives on!

For all you office Pool Managers out there, has a FREE Spreadsheet Solution for efficiently managing your March Madness pool. Now you can spend more time researching picks, playing PS3 and maybe even keep your day job (no guarantees).

Here’s how it works:

Tell all your friends to download a 2009 NCAA Bracket from the Tips & Tricks section at If your pool participants are lazier than you (not bloody likely), feel free to download and email the 2009 NCAA Bracket around to friends, fraternity bros, fellow indoor soccer team weirdoes, Larry in accounting, whoever… Participants use simple drop-down menus in the Bracket to select their picks for each game.

After completing and saving their bracket, participants will send their completed bracket back to the Pool Manager (presumably you), who can easily upload everyone’s 2009 NCAA Brackets into the 2009 NCAA Bracket Manager (simple instructions for uploading brackets are also provided in the Tips & Tricks section at The Pool Manager has full control over the point system used for each round (i.e. First Round: 1 point per-win, Second Round: 2 points per-win etc.).

With this Excel Rain Man March Madness solution, people can skip the hassle of having to sign up for an online account with the likes of or CBS Sportsline. Instead, participants can just save their completed personal Brackets to their PC desktop (brackets must still be submitted to the Pool Manager of course).

As March Madness progresses, the Pool Manager simply selects each game’s winner (in the “winner” tab)using the drop-down menus and our Bad Ass Bracket Manager will tally the standings.

Let the games begin!

Due to the use of Macros, the 2009 NCAA Bracket Manager may not work properly on 2008 Apple Computers. This requirement does not apply the 2009 NCAA Bracket, as it does not contain Macros.

Download the 2009 NCAA Bracket and 2009 NCAA Bracket Manager free of charge from the Tips & Tricks section at

Check out the latest free tips, tricks and goodies from the Excel Rain Man team and improve your spreadsheeting skillz today!!

2. Classes have arrived!!!
Due to popular demand, Excel Rain Man is putting together some classes for you! Please be advised that Excel Rain Man has a progressive way of teaching the arts of spreadsheeting… so these will not be your typical class.

Excel Rain Man will create a customized Excel class geared specificaly towards your goals and abilities! Go to Webinars & Classes for more details.

As a brief reminder, the Excel Rain Man team is here to provide simple, cost-effective solutions for your business on issues such as budgeting, payroll tracking, inventory management etc.

Feel free to Submit a Request… There is no charge for inquiries!

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