I came across an article in Forbes last week titled, The 10 Worst Stereotypes About Powerful Women, presented by some of the world’s most powerful women, who have to deal with them every day. Though negative stereotypes like Ice Queen, Weak, Emotional, and Cheerleader are alive and well in the competitive business arena, I wanted to showcase the very best assets and characteristics that women bring to the table in business, and asked…

Whether you are a man or woman in business, what is the single best asset you believe women entrepreneurs bring to business, and how does it enhance their effectiveness as leaders in business?

The 45 submissions we received this week are proof that positive stereotypes about women in business are alive and well among women, and even men, who have had the pleasure of working side by side with us. My goal, and that of many other women entrepreneurs, is to make such great assets the norm to counteract the negativity that still exists towards women in business. Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So it is up to us to change perceptions and reinforce the necessity and value of our seat at the boardroom table. Women must be the change they wish to see, one step at a time. Enjoy!

24. Tech Is SEXY! (Again)

I knew how important it was to use your creative instincts as one strength to start a business, but following your intuition on what should be “sexy” is something quite different. This is what I did when starting my business.

I think women business owners understand more readily that creativity isn’t enough for business success, you have to find some way to make your good idea “sexy.” People are often afraid of new technologies, but by making it appealing, you greatly improve your business success and hit unique markets.

Thanks to Jen Portland of Excel Rain Man


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