Who Wants Spreadsheets, Brackets And T&A?

Well it’s official… for the first time ever; I completely forgot to set my clock forward yesterday and missed yoga. Namaste, MY A$$!!

Anyhoo, it’s that time of year again… the Madness of March, where work days gain a certain fluidity based on matchup schedules and people start pleading with IT to allow a one-time moratorium on the streaming media ban in the office (PLEASE Leonard, I gots to watch those game highlights!!)

March Madness is a time to celebrate your college allegiances, create camaraderie and count the cash you’ve pocketed by winning your respective March Madness Pool (or in my husband’s case, cry over the money lost in 7 different pools).

This year certainly is going to be a good one….

In my personal opinion, if the East is like a solid brick of parmesan… the West is more similar to a wheel of brie… soft.

As always, Excel Rain Man is here to help you on your way to fame and fortune with the new and improved 2011 NCAA Bracket Manager and 2011 NCAA Bracket. Available in the Tips & Tricks Section of ExcelRainMan.com.

Download and email the 2011 NCAA Bracket around to friends, enemies, fraternity bros, bosses, minions, Sheen’s Goddesses, Bieber fans (me), Bieber haters (my husband), whoever…

Participants use simple drop-down menus in the Bracket to select their picks for each game. You could also just instruct participants to download the 2011 Bracket themselves from ExcelRainMan.com… lazy bums.

After completing and saving their bracket, participants can send their completed brackets back to the Pool Manager, who can easily upload everyone’s 2011 NCAA Bracket(s) into the 2011 NCAA Bracket Manager (simple instructions for uploading brackets are also provided in the Tips & Tricks Section of ExcelRainMan.com). The Pool Manager has full control over the point system used for each round (i.e. First Round: 1 point per-win, Second Round: 2 points per-win etc.).

As March Madness progresses, the Pool Manager can simply select each game’s winner (in the “winner” tab) using the drop-down menus, and our Bad Ass Bracket Manager will tally the standings.

With this Excel Rain Man March Madness solution, people can get around having to use online accounts with the likes of ESPN.com or CBS Sportsline. Instead, participants can save their completed personal, print-ready 2011 NCAA Brackets to their desktop for easy reference, and all the while, look like they are diligently working on a kick-a$$ spreadsheet.

Let the Madness begin!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Allyssa Tzavlakis!! Every year, we stay up until the wee hours trouble shooting together this ridiculous spreadsheet solution for you. Without Allyssa, these templates that no one thought could exist in excel would not. I heart you!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the use of Macros, the 2011 NCAA Bracket Manager will not work properly on Mac Computers. However, individual Brackets can be filled out by Mac and PC users. Woo hoo!

Download the 2011 NCAA Bracket & 2011 NCAA Bracket Manager free of charge from the Tips & Tricks section at ExcelRainMan.com.

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Small Biz Spotlight

It’s no secret that New York residents have had a love affair with ordering delivery food for quite some time now. But these days, with the likes of seamlessweb and grubhub allowing NY hermits to continue ordering from the same old spot while avoiding the unbearable burden of even having to speak with another human bring in the process… we must take pause and say, “What happened to going out for a great dinner with some old friends and perhaps even making some new ones in the process?

Enter the Ted and Amy Supper Club.

Started in 2008 in her Fort Greene digs, this Kara Masi creation has been serving up amazing food and new experiences to hundreds of friends and strangers alike.

Different guest chefs and food experts are brought in regularly for these fabulous dinners as well as to teach the awesome classes that are now being offered. All suppers and classes are very affordable with suggested donations of around $45 a person. Did we forget to mention that all meals and classes include vino?!? Supper Club typically starts out with cocktails and ends up with a seated dinner of about 10-14 guests.

So get out there and meet some new folks (who will probably be pretty cool… I mean, it is a Brooklyn supper club after all) over some amazing, affordable, sustainable, and healthy food and wine 🙂

While you probably missed the Duck, Duck and More Duck dinner this past Thursday, there are still a few spots left for the Middle-Eastern themed Dinner on Friday, March 18th with guest chef Eric Sherman

.. If you think Jesse and I are sitting this one out, you are crazy.

A Conservation Biology major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Eric Sherman is nothing if not passionate about sustainable food and cooking. It addition to significant restaurant experience, Sherman also worked for D’Artagnan, specializing in sourcing sustainably raised meats and exotic mushrooms to the restaurant and retail communities in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. In his spare time, he was one of the creative minds behind the Bread and Circus supper club and is also very active in the urban agriculture movement, dedicating many volunteer hours to the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm in Long Island City.

Some of their upcoming classes include:

• Jam Making with Laena McCarthy (Anarchy in a Jar) an up and coming local artisan jam-maker from Brooklyn. Some of my favorite flavors include the Strawberry-Balsamic along with the Grapefruit and Smoked Salt marmalade. They will never linger in your fridge, and you can use the jars afterwards for storing spices or as votive candle holders. You know how I feel about votives 🙂

• Fresh Mozzarella and Focaccia class with Eric Sherman
• Winter Comfort Food: Mac & Cheese, and Turkey Chili
• Quick Weeknight Meal: Guac, Steaks, and Lava Cakes
• Knife Skills class with Eric Sherman

Also, if you have a class you are interested in, you can just suggest it.

The next time you are wondering what to do for your next group dinner or date, get your bottom over to Fort Greene for Ted and Amy’s Supper Club.

If Excel is bumming you out, just Submit a Request and we will show that spreadsheet of yours who’s boss.

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