2020 Oscar Challenge

The 2020 Excel Rain Man OSCulator is here!!

Same drill as in the past 11 seasons and huge props to Allyssa for this spreadsheet sensation!!

The Excel Rain Man OSCulator (OSCAR + Calculator = OSCulator) is an easy to use Oscar winner pick-em pool…so let the games begin! Whether you’re looking to start an office pool or your bestie hosts an annual Oscar Party, this is a fun and easy way to manage and/or participate in spreadsheet-based betting and hopefully fleece your friends and coworkers of their hard earned casheesh!

To use the free Excel Rain Man 2020 OSCulator:
– Go to the Tips & Tricks page of www.ExcelRainMan.com, find the tool called 2020 OSCulator, and add it to your cart (don’t worry, all the tools in this Blog are FREE!!!).
– Go into your cart to fill out your name, email address, and complete the ordering process to have the file emailed to you.
– Follow the instructions in the email to download the file. Remember to save it somewhere you can easily access and don’t forget to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email.
– Now find the 2020 Osculator.zip file that you saved, right click on it, and select “Extract All…”. Once this is complete (note the Wizard is happy to walk you through this), we suggest opening the 2020 OSCulator Guide to walk you through your brand new 2020 OSCulator.
– Direct the pool entrants to download the 2020 Oscar Ballots for free from the Tips & Tricks page of www.ExcelRainMan.com using the same methods as above. Ask all participants to enter their Name where indicated on the form and make a selection for each Award Category using the available dropdown menus.
– Your crew sends back their completed Ballots.
– You (aka the Pool Manager) will keep track of their selections via the 2020 OSCulator. Let our OSCulator do the work of tallying up the results on OSCAR night so you can get back to your white zin and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Please note that both our PC and Mac friends can participate in the OSCAR Pool by filling out the ballots, but the 2020 OSCulator has to be run by a PC.


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