Translate Text in your Spreadsheets

Per usual, I opened my Surface this AM (it looks at my face and that is the password… love!… except it does not recognize me in my glasses which is a little awkward). I digress.

After Outlook is up, I launch Excel. I was then notified of the Translate button to my pleasant surprise this Friday. And while people all over the world communicate in spreadsheets, there can still be the occasional language barrier. Cue the Translate button:
• Highlight the text that you want to translate







• go to the Review tab, select the Translate button (keyboard shortcut: Alt + Shift + F7)

• The Translator screen appears on the right and select which language you want to translate to






















And if you feel like watching the cute Microsoft video show you how to do this, go here.

Love it when Microsoft brings a shiny new button to their suite of tools! And when they don’t… we can create a button for you and even give it an adorable image as well. Stay tuned to see how our popular Change Colors button works…

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