World Cup Spreadsheet Manager 2018

T minus 10 days until the 2018 World Cup. While you may not be making the trek to Russia, neither is team USA… so we are all in good company watching the games at home in an awkward time difference.

Regardless of your interest level, the 2018 World Cup begins June 14th and is graciously providing another excuse to procrastinate at work by researching the groupings and betting on ANY OTHER country… and Allyssa continues to crush the competition with her absurd templates to soothe your nerdy love for spreadsheets and gambling! So… download the FREE Excel Rain Man 2018 World Cup Manager now! Since this is not Excel Rain Man’s first trip to the World Cup rodeo, this masterpiece has been troubleshooted (looks BEAU-tiful… thanks Laura!) and is ready to roll with plenty of time to gather some pretty large pools. 2018 New Year’s Rezzie for Excel Rain Man? Less Procrastinating… check check!

The FREE Excel Rain Man 2018 World Cup Manager, 2018 World Cup Entry Form Round 1 and 2018 World Cup Entry Form Round 2 can be found on the Tips & Tricks page of

For more information on how to use the 2018 World Cup Manager, please see below and check out the guide that is included with the manager.

  • Tell all your friends to download the 2018 World Cup Entry Form Round 1 from the Tips & Tricks page of If your pool participants are even lazier than you (unlikely), feel free to download and email the 2018 World Cup Entry Form Round 1 around to whoever… Participants use simple drop-down menus in the Bracket to select their picks for each game. Make sure that they send you their picks before the first game by Thursday, June 14th @ 11 am EST.


  • After completing and saving their forms for Round 1, participants will send their completed forms back to the Pool Manager, who can easily upload everyone’s Round 1 Forms into the 2018 World Cup Manager (simple instructions for uploading forms are also provided in the Manager’s zip file). The Pool Manager has full control over the point system used for each round (i.e. Round 1: 1 point per-win, 3 points if advancing to next round; Round 2: increased points for each win).









  • Generic Round 2 forms can be found on the Tips & Tricks page of as well. As soon as the 16 teams are known on June 29th (or sooner), we will post the detailed Round 2 form… you know where. It is then up to you to demand that Round 2 forms are completed and returned to the Pool Manager before the beginning of Round 2 on June 30th @ 10am EST.

With this Excel Rain Man World Cup solution, participants can just save their completed personal, print-ready forms to their desktop (forms must still be submitted to the Pool Manager of course).

As the World Cup progresses, the Pool Manager must simply select each game’s winner using the drop-down menus (in the “R1 – Winning” and “R2 – Winning” tabs), and our bad ass World Cup Manager will tally the standings.

Let the games begin!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the use of Macros, the 2018 World Cup Manager will not work properly on Mac Computers. However, individual forms can be filled out by Mac and PC users. Phew!

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