March Madness 2019

Morning B-Ballers! Whether you are obsessing over Operation Varsity Blues (classic sting operation name) or just get teary-eyed during Love and Basketball… it’s time to lick your hands, wipe the bottom of those fresh new Jordans and get ready for game time… cuz It’s March Madness baby!!!.

So what are you waiting for?? Download the Excel Rain Man 2019 NCAA Bracket & 2019 NCAA Bracket Manager free of charge from the Tips & Tricks section at

Here’s how it works:

Direct the pool entrants to download the 2019 NCAA Brackets for free from the Tips & Tricks page of Ask all participants to enter their Name where indicated on the form then they will use simple drop-down menus in the Bracket to select their picks for each game.
After completing and saving their bracket, participants can send their completed brackets back to the Pool Manager, who can easily upload everyone’s 2019 NCAA Bracket(s) into the 2019 NCAA Bracket Manager (simple instructions for uploading brackets are also provided in the Tips & Tricks section of The Pool Manager has full control over the point system used for each round (i.e. First Round: 1 point per-win, Second Round: 2 points per-win etc.).
As March Madness progresses, the Pool Manager can simply select each game’s winner (in the “winner” tab) using the drop-down menus, and our Bad Ass Bracket Manager will tally the standings.
With this Excel Rain Man March Madness solution, people can get around having to use online accounts with the likes of or CBS Sportsline. Instead, participants can save their completed personal, print-ready 2019 NCAA Brackets to their desktop for easy reference, and all the while, look like they are diligently working on a kick-a$$ spreadsheet.

Let the Madness begin!

– Due to the use of Macros, the 2019 NCAA Bracket Manager will not work properly on Mac Computers. However, individual Brackets can be filled out by Mac and PC users. Mac users filling out the brackets must save their bracket with a .xlsx extension.
– Depending upon your version of Excel, you may get a ‘VBAProject Password’ prompt after closing the Manager workbook. If this pops up when trying to close the workbook, just select ‘Cancel’. We understand that this may be slightly inconvenient, but unfortunately it is something that needs to be fixed by Microsoft… Until they do, please enjoy the Madness even if it takes a few extra seconds to exit the Manager!

Download the 2019 NCAA Bracket & 2019 NCAA Bracket Manager free of charge from the Tips & Tricks section at



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