Tracking Tool DEMOlicious

As our business is SUUUUPER niche, we don’t fit into the typical bucket for commodity codes and RFPs, so it is these adorable demos that help us to win Purchase Orders to chip away at projects within both the private sector and government agencies (my pounding the government pavement as a WBE was spotlighted at a recent city procurement event).

So… here is another sweet-A$$ spreadsheet demo (just 4 minutes long) that we cranked out this week. While we use Time Sheet Tracking as the focus of the tool, please keep in mind that it is the mechanics of what we are doing that we can apply to just about anything in your day to day. This tool includes boatloads of goodies including: custom buttons, creating invoices, generating pdfs, updating dropdowns, find and replace (fancy-style)… get ready to LIVE!



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