March Madness 2021

While it may be difficult to score an in-person limited attendance ticket to any March Madness games this year (insert double masked frown), all of us have nothing better to do at this point than to watch some madness from the comforts of our casa in our Athleisure. Which means it is the perfect time to put together a bracket that also accounts for player quarantines part way through (hashtag not possible)!

So, what are you waiting for?? Download the Excel Rain Man 2021 NCAA Bracket & 2021 NCAA Bracket Manager free of charge from the Tips & Tricks section at

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the 2021 NCAA Brackets for free from Tips & Tricks
  2. Completed brackets are sent back to the Pool Manager, who uploads everyone’s 2021 NCAA Bracket(s) into the 2021 NCAA Bracket Manager (instructions included).
  3. The Pool Manager selects the winning teams and our Badass Bracket Manager will tally the standings.

With the Excel Rain Man March Madness solution, skip the online accounts. Instead, save your completed personal, print-ready 2021 NCAA Bracket to your desktop for easy reference, and all the while, look like you are diligently working on a kick-a$$ spreadsheet.

Let the Madness begin!

PLEASE NOTE: Individual Brackets can be filled out by Mac and PC users. However, the 2021 NCAA Bracket Manager will not work properly on Mac Computers.

Download the 2021 NCAA Bracket & 2021 NCAA Bracket Manager free of charge from the Tips & Tricks section at

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