Your Wow… Moment

Hello spreadsheeters and cell surfers!

Hope you are feeling well and surviving 2020 with some sanity.  I think I am.  Back to spreadsheets…

A common phrase we’ve grown accustomed to here at Excel Rain Man is “Wow, I didn’t know you could do that!”  Admittedly, I am thinking it a bit more than I probably should myself… shh!  But, yes, if you pair Excel with your brain and a spreadsheet smarty (that’s us) and give it a double dose of vision (us again) the possibilities are endless!

Since all of our work is custom, your Wow… moment is waiting for you.  Some sample Wow… moments could be us creating a nifty little button for you that will:

  • Hide any unused rows
  • Generate your go-to reports
  • Change the color scheme
  • Save your work as PDFs

So, why not let us help you figure out your Wow… moment so you can better use your socially-distanced time?  If you identify yourself as a:

  • Copy Paste-er: You find yourself constantly copying over or updating the same reports week after week, getting annoyed that you have to type in the same information into 20 places in 10 different documents
  • PivotTable Paste Value-er: PivotTables have come a loooooong way, but they still don’t do everything you need, so you paste value your results somewhere else, things don’t automatically update, annoying!!!
  • Client Name Change-er: Control H-ing your bottom off (that’s geek code for “find and replace”) to switch company names, colors, data, etc.
  • Proposal/Contract Update-er: Changing the same fields or sentences in a document depending on the same criteria
  • Data Cleanse-er: Spending a lot of time scrubbing copies of your work of sensitive information to make it shareable
  • All the Above-er

Anyways, we are not trying to shame anyone.  Just drop us a line here and let’s do this!  If you can define the process, we can automate it for you.  And if you are still not sure, then we can definitely help.

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