HACK: Sync Your Google Calendar to Alexa for Key Reminders

Greetings 2021-ers!
If you’re anything like us at Excel Rain Man, smart devices litter your home. Though they may be always listening (whatevs), key functionality includes audible Alexa reminders for upcoming events… which is a downright lifesaver if you are away from your computer (and need to move the car for alternate side parking). This is especially true when WFH and

  • YOU: have no excuse for missing a Zoom
  • THE LITTLE ONES: WTF are the bells there to indicate it is time to move to the next class in Remote Learning? Also, I refuse to tell them it’s time to sign into a class. Hashtag not spreadsheet-related.

… meaning everyone is operating on different schedules all in the same space and there are so many meetings to miss attend. So, are you supposed to ask Alexa for a reminder for every single event and even the recurring ones? F No! Thank goodness we are workflow geniuses and can offer a helpful tip to make sure your crew doesn’t accidentally miss important “events”. Just link your Google Calendar to Alexa… duh?!?

Watch the video below for this scheduling hack now!

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